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Web Design

A website enacts several roles! It takes on its shoulders the responsibilities

Web Design

Our designers create high quality sites by providing utmost care to everything from color to typography, information structure to content

  • We respond quickly
  • We promise a broad experience
  • We don’t put you in financial crunch
  • We assure global recognition

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Web Development

Our team of expert website developers offers dependable and groundbreaking solutions that aim at giving wings to even the most complicated

  • Experienced and passionate developers
  • Will to exceed boundaries
  • Creative and unbeatable solutions
  • Clear and transparent communication

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We have unmatched designs, development models and of course, search marketing services that make our clients successful online

  • Coherent Goal Of Every Page
  • Impactful Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Simple Checkout Process
  • Website Maintenance & Management

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Logo Design

We conduct in-depth analysis about clients’ mission, their competitors, and target markets to craft distinctive & competitive logos that set them

  • Ideation Of Logo Design
  • Run Research Campaign
  • First Phase Sketching & Coloring
  • Client Approval & Final Editing

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About Us

Our web development and
marketing services

Magniou is a professional website design firm in India City which provides a wide range of services. We understand how it is important to our clients to receive a full range of web design services as well as connected with them ready marketing and company development solutions. As a professional website design and development

Why Choose Magnious?

Flexible work

We are very flexible in our working process and prefer to work by two-weeks milestones system. No prepayment needed. You always see what you are billed for.

Strong specialists

We do not work with beginners,there are only experienced team members in our stuff.

Great experience

Thanks to our vast experience in various fields, we easily understand the essence of business and its subtleties.

Quality code

Thanks to our 7 years of experience, we provide high quality and stable work for your projects.

Bring to the end

Taking responsibility for the project, we will implement it 100% and will not leave the project on halfway

We guarantee the safety of information

We protect all your information that competitors should not know.

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With the ever increasing number of iPhone users in the current digital scenario,

iPad App

In the recent times, the market of tablets has seen an uprise condition as it offers

Android App

Wherever you look around, you observe people using their smartphones to access

Hybrid Mobile App

Hybrid mobile app development approach employs the perfect combination

1. How We Manage Projects


Walk through an ‘agile development model’ that fits both startups & entrepreneurs to build great ideas.

2. How We Communicate


We are great at keeping cordial relations with our clients. Thanks to various technologies for that!

3. Our After-Delivery Support


The journey never stops after the product is delivered. We walk with you even after product delivery!

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