IT Consulting

Magnious has a rich domain expertise to become trusted IT consulting partner for enterprises, SME's, digital agencies and startups. We have industry’s best resources, detailed understanding that help us to ensure that your business, management and staff use Information Technology and resolving complex software development issues to strategic business transformation fueled by IT, Magnious delivers best technology consulting services.

IT Strategy Development

The classic approach to developing a new technology strategy involves a fairly structured, sequential process that produces a long-term view of the organisation's technology requirements.

Software Architecture Review & Planning

Software architecture is a key component in supporting business goals and objectives Foundation for developing large, complex, distributed systems.

Application Security Consulting

Appliaction Security Consultant is responsible for the execution and delivery of planned project deliverables assist clients in learning, understanding, and applying secure software.

Project Requirements Definition and Design

This process begins with a requirements document. This document details all business and functional requirements of the project. It details the "what" of the project.

Choice of Technology / Framework

As in the development of appropriate alternatives for facility design, choices of appropriate technology and methods for construction are often ill-structured yet critical ingredients in the success of the project.

Business Process Analysis & Formalization

Magnious Solutions use our top-ranked automation to innovate faster,reduce costs, improve quality, and deeply understand their real end-to-end processes.
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