Magnious digital marketing services offer overall digital marketing solutions.our services include seo services, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, campaign designing, pos display design, ppc services, media planning, bill board design, ooh, etc. magnious work with clients throughout their digital journey to help them to improve potential web user’s engagement. digital marketing is differ from traditional marketing as it offers faster way of interaction with customers.


Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns deliver measurable results that increase website traffic, customer enquires, sales and ultimately online revenues.

Social media optimization

We believe Social media marketing is more than randomly posting on Facebook or throwing out a quick tweet when you feel inspired. It requires having a goal, a plan and a strategy.

ppc services

Our PPC managers are fully qualified to run biddable media ad campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and all leading social media platforms.

Lead based Marketing

The brain behind all online marketing services, a good web analytics package informs you to actions on your website and provides you with insights in to your key performance indicators.

Email Marketing

The average professional receives around 100 emails every day. To manage this high volume, people are moving through their inboxes quickly, looking only for the information they need and deleting anything that seems irrelevant.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation or conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.
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